The NSO Group Blocks Some Governments From Using Its Spyware

One of the things that has really baffled me about the controversy over The NSO Group and their spyware is that they’ve given contradictory statements. They keep claiming that they have no control over how their spyware is used. But they’ve also claimed that they can shut their customers down at will. It looks like that the pressure over the use of their spyware is resulting in the latter happening. The Washington Post last week reported that NSO had previously blocked five governments from using Pegasus, and NPR now reports that more NSO clients have had their access suspended pending investigations into abuse allegations.

So, who were the countries that apparently got shut down? Well, those in the know say that Saudi Arabia, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Mexico are on the list. But we don’t know the full list as we don’t know the complete list of who uses their spyware. And what makes this interesting is that the word on the street is that the Israeli government might have forced them to take a stronger approach. I’m guessing that they either don’t like the bad press or they got a phone call from another government who likely wan’t calling to talk about the Olympics.

As the pressure ratchets up on The NSO Group, it will be interesting to see what happens next as I am sure that this is far from over.

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