Uber Announces New Learning & Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Drivers

Uber is launching for drivers and delivery people focused on professional development, entrepreneurship and language skills programming that will help them advance their career journey, on or off the platform.

According to an Uber-commissioned Ipsos survey in Canada, 74% of drivers and delivery people describe their hours on the platform as part-time as they manage responsibilities like full-time employment, studies, parenting, caregiving, or entrepreneurship. 

Taking advantage of the flexibility of the Uber platform, drivers and delivery people have the opportunity to focus on other projects – starting a small business, building a career, or helping them and their families get ahead. 

Starting today, Uber is announcing three new investments in supporting the professional development and growth of drivers and delivery people on the platform, giving them the flexibility to create a brighter future for themselves and their families:

  1. In some cities where Uber operates, many drivers and delivery people are immigrants. According to Uber’s recent  Economic Impact Report, 63% of drivers in Canada identify with a racialized group. Uber is now offering access to language resources through unlimited language learning content from Rosetta Stone for drivers and delivery people in select tiers of the Uber Pro loyalty program.
  2. Drivers and delivery people in Canada can request an achievement summary letter which details the date of their first trip or delivery, number of trips and deliveries, average customer rating, and top feedback. Drivers and delivery people can use these letters as evidence of their experience using the Uber app in job and other applications.
  3. Uber Canada is partnering with The Forum to create entrepreneurship programming that will support 500 self-identified women entrepreneurs using the platform. Programming will launch in the fall and interested restaurant owners, drivers, delivery people and their family members cansign up here to learn more.

These resources and programs build on Uber’s Flexible Work+ proposal from March, where the company is committed to investing in supporting lifelong learning. 

More information can be found here

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