T-Mobile Hacker Says T-Mobile’s Security Is “Awful”

It’s bad enough that T-Mobile got either massively pwned by a hacker, or just badly pwned by a hacker. Though it may still get worse. But it just got worse from the American telco. The hacker who pwned them is speaking out. His name is John Binns, a 21-year-old American who lives in Turkey, and he doesn’t have flattering things to say about the telco and their security:

In messages with the Journal, Mr. Binns said he managed to pierce T-Mobile’s defenses after discovering in July an unprotected router exposed on the internet. He said he had been scanning T-Mobile’s known internet addresses for weak spots using a simple tool available to the public.

The young hacker said he did it to gain attention. “Generating noise was one goal,” he wrote. He declined to say whether he had sold any of the stolen data or whether he was paid to breach T-Mobile.


Mr. Binns said he used that entry point to hack into the cellphone carrier’s data center outside East Wenatchee, Wash., where stored credentials allowed him to access more than 100 servers.

“I was panicking because I had access to something big,” he wrote. “Their security is awful.”

He said it took about a week to burrow into the servers that contained personal data about the carrier’s tens of millions of former and current customers, adding that the hack lifted troves of data around Aug. 4.

You have to wonder how this is going over inside T-Mobile, especially since they’ve been pwned on numerous occasions. But more importantly, this is going to spark a lot of questions and inquiries from people outside T-Mobile. And I’m going to bet that T-Mobile really doesn’t want to answer any questions whatsoever. Because when you’ve been pwned as often as they have, lawmakers and others are going to make your life miserable.

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