Darktrace AI Neutralizes IoT Attack That Threatened to Disrupt the Tokyo Olympics

I’ve posted a lot of bad news about companies and a variety of organizations getting pwned by hackers. But here’s a good news story for you.

As you know, one of the greatest issues in security is how to deal with high-stress scenarios when there is a significant breach – especially when it comes to a global sporting event attracting an audience in the millions. 

Threat actors often exploit the pressure of these events to cause disruption or extract hefty sums. Sporting occasions, especially Formula 1 races, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics, attract a huge deal of criminal interest.

Darktrace recently discovered a threat when a Raspberry Pi device was covertly implanted into a national sporting body directly involved in the Olympics, in an attempt to exfiltrate sensitive data. The events took place one week before the start of the Games, and a data breach at this time would have had significant ramifications for the reputation of the organization, the confidentiality of their plans, and potentially the safety of their athletes.    

Darktrace AI recognized this activity as malicious given its evolving understanding of ‘self’ for the organization, and Antigena – Darktrace’s autonomous response capability – took action at machine speed to interrupt the threat, affording the human security team the critical time they needed to catch up and neutralize the attack.  

If you’re interested, Darktrace has a blog post on how AI neutralized an IoT attack that threatened to disrupt the Tokyo Olympics. It’s a pretty interesting read.

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