Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch’ Bug With Mask Unlocking Fixed In iOS 15.1 Beta 2

Apple on Sunday said that this bug which was plaguing iPhone 13 owners with Apple Watches would be fixed in “in an upcoming software update”. The bug in question stopped these owners from unlocking their iPhones using Face ID while using a mask. Which is kind of important seeing as the planet is in a global pandemic.

Today numerous outlets are reporting that this issue is fixed in iOS 15.1 beta 2. Seeing as this is just the second beta, it is highly probable that you won’t actually see a release for at least a few weeks. Though if Apple were smart, they would polish this as much as possible and release it this week to make this rather embarrassing issue go away. But like I said earlier, I don’t see that happening. And if you are thinking of installing the public beta when that appears to fix this issue, I would advise against that. It is a beta for a reason and unless you’re installing it on a secondary device, you’re taking a risk.

At least there’s a light at the end of this tunnel for iPhone 13 owners who also own an Apple Watch.

UPDATE: There is the possibility that Apple could port this fix into a 15.0.1 release and get it out the door quicker. They have done that in the past and it could happen in this case. But I would not be surprised if they didn’t do that this time around.

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