Bell Canada Claims to Have Added “More Value” To The Canadian Wireless Marketplace….. Yeah Right…

I have to admit that I come into this somewhat jaded because of my recent horrible experience with Bell Canada, but when Bell posted this press release claiming that it was bringing “more value” to the Canadian wireless marketplace which is insanely expensive, I was skeptical. And reading it only made me more skeptical because this press release was focused around they Virgin Plus flanker brand. There was nothing in the press release about the Bell brand.

If they really wanted to bring value to Canadians, Bell would bring these same changes to the Bell brand. But clearly that’s not the plan as they still want to milk Canadians for every dollar possible. So I would take this press release and file it under “meaningless noise” because it doesn’t mean anything other than optics to check a box that was imposed upon them by the federal government.

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