iOS 15.0.1 Has A Storage Related Bug…. Just After Apple Claims They Claimed They Fixed ANOTHER Storage Related Bug

In the lead up to releasing iOS 15 as well as after its public release, many people complained that their iPhones running iOS 15 were misreporting the amount of storage that their iPhones had. Specifically it would mis-report the amount of free storage that you had. Specially it would claim that you were out of storage when you actually weren’t. The good news is that this was fixed in an iOS 15 update that was released today.

The bad news is that iOS 15.0.1 which is the update in question seems to have introduced a new bug where the amount of used storage would be massively under reported. Let me illustrate this:

Supposedly I have used 1.7 GB of storage. But that makes zero sense seeing as I have 10 GB of music on my iPhone. Not to mention that I have other stuff that is taking up gigabytes of space. The funny thing is that Apple in their release notes had this to say about the original storage bug in the second of the three bullet points:

My guess is that Apple either didn’t fix that bug properly, or they did fix it and introduce a new bug in the process. Either way, Apple’s shoddy QA department strikes again.

I reported this to Apple via Twitter:

To Apple’s credit, they did respond and asked me to reboot the phone and see if the behavior changed. It didn’t. So they set up a troubleshooting session tomorrow at 9AM EST. Which I think will be a waste of time for me as this is clearly a bug that their tech support people aren’t going to be able to solve. But it won’t be a waste of time for them as they’ll be able to pull all sorts of diagnostic information off my phone to hopefully figure this out in time for iOS 15.0.2 or perhaps 15.1 which is in beta at the moment. I’ll update this story as to what happens.

And to underline the fact that this is a bug, I got a response on Twitter illustrating that I am not alone in seeing this:

Now this is a low impact bug, but it underscores just how bad Apple’s ability to put out reasonably solid software has been for a while now. Just look at these stories that I’ve written over the last few years about how their QA department lets them down. And in this case, if they can’t get the small stuff right, how can you trust Apple to get the big stuff right? Tim Cook needs to focus less on buying mansions with celebrity neighbors and start smacking heads so that Apple puts out better code. Because right now it’s just downright embarrassing.

UPDATE: Much as I thought, speaking to Apple this morning was a waste of time. They told me that the fix to this is to erase the phone and set up as new. In short, this isn’t a bug that their front line support either knows about, or will admit to. I’m not going to do that as that was the suggestion for people who had the unlock with Apple Watch issue and they fixed that in this update that hit the streets yesterday. So I fully expect Apple to come out another update to try and fix this issue.

On a related topic, you have to wonder if Apple is really paying attention to the world outside their “reality distortion field”? I say that because it took me about 30 seconds of browsing on Twitter to find these two examples that support that this is a bug:

If I could find this, Apple should be able to find this and figure out that something is wrong with iOS 15.0.1. But either they can’t or they simply are ignoring it. Which reflects poorly on Apple.

UPDATE #2: I had someone reach out to me on Twitter to say that the advice that Apple Support gave to me didn’t work:

Apple really needs to get their act together.

UPDATE: iOS 15.1 just dropped. It fixes this issue for some (like me). But it’s not a fix for others. So expect Apple to kick out another attempt at a fix.

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