Exclusive Networks Extends Distribution Agreement With Juniper Networks 

Exclusive Networks today announced a new worldwide distribution agreement with Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven Networks. The new agreement builds on the success of numerous existing regional engagements in EMEA and APAC, deepening the strategic relationship between the two companies and creating global momentum to help partners maximise enterprise opportunities for Juniper’s AI-driven networking, cloud and connected security solutions.

Juniper Mist AI technology drives automation, insight and assured user experience across the stack, delivering AIOps solutions for experience-first networking across the LAN/WLAN to the SD-WAN, automated WAN backbone and cloud-ready data centre. According to BCC Research, the global AIOps market is estimated to grow to $9.4bn by 2026 at a CAGR of over 26%[1].

As the Juniper partnership expands to a global basis, Exclusive Networks is able to build on over 5 years of success with Juniper in numerous individual territories in Europe and Asia. North America, Benelux, Iberia and the UK&I are the first new regions to be added, with Central and Eastern Europe and Southern Europe due to follow soon after. 

Exclusive Networks is a global trusted cybersecurity specialist for digital infrastructure helping to drive the transition to a totally trusted digital future for all people and organisations. Their distinctive approach to distribution gives partners more opportunity and more customer relevance. Their specialism is their strength – equipping them to capitalise on rapidly evolving technologies and transformative business models.

The Exclusive Networks story is a global one with a services-first ideology at its core, harnessing innovation and disruption to deliver partner value. With offices in 40 countries and the ability to service customers in over 150 countries across five continents, Exclusive Networks has a unique ‘local sale, global scale’ model, combining the extreme focus and value of local independents with the scale and service delivery of a single worldwide distribution powerhouse.

More at www.exclusive-networks.com

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