macOS Monterey Seems To Be Leaking Memory

Normally I don’t upgrade to the latest version of macOS as I tend to wait until all the bugs are ironed out. But that’s not an option as I am currently using a new MacBook Pro that comes with macOS Monterey out of the box. And sure enough, there is a major problem with macOS Monterey. It seems to be leaking memory.

First, let me explain what a memory leak is. This is a scenario in which a specific process or application consumes abnormally high amounts of memory or RAM if left running for a very long time. And that’s what I am seeing. Here’s a screen shot from iStat Menus after running my new MacBook Pro for about a day:

If you look under processes, Control Center is consuming a lot of memory. And that’s not normal based on comparing it to a Mac running an earlier versions of macOS. Other users are also sharing similar experiences on the MacRumors Forums and Reddit. Including YouTuber Gregory McFadden:

On top of that, users have seen a pop up that says an application has “run out of application memory”. Clearly this is a huge problem and Apple needs to fix this ASAP as this is not trivial and will become a major problem for many.

2 Responses to “macOS Monterey Seems To Be Leaking Memory”

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