Salesforce To Grow & Conserve 500K Native Trees In British Columbia

Yesterday, Salesforce announced a partnership with One Tree Planted to grow and conserve 500,000 native trees on Nazko First Nation Territory in the Fraser Plateau in British Columbia.

  • The high-priority region is still recovering from a 2017 wildfire that burned over 540,000 hectares. The impact of this reforestation will reduce recovery time by decades, regenerating the environment and benefitting the communities that live on the land.
  • This is one of multiple Canadian reforestation projects that Salesforce is partnering with One Tree Planted to achieve its 100 million tree goal, and accelerate — a global movement founded in partnership with the World Economic Forum, to restore, conserve and grow one trillion trees by 2030.   

In addition, Salesforce also announced a tree equity initiative focused on long-term climate justice in partnership with One Tree Planted in the city of Malton, Ontario. 

  • The program will engage four local schools to teach youth about the historical roots of environmental justice and how trees are a solution for creating equity. They will also plant 720 large trees around the Claireville Dam Restoration Site with them to create more greenspace and address the region’s “urban heat island effect.”

These are some cool projects that Salesforce is involved in which makes Salesforce more than just a SaaS company.

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