A Follow Up To My Install Of macOS Monterey 12.1

Yesterday, I detailed the challenges that I had installing macOS Monterey 12.1. At that time I promised a follow up. Specifically, about the memory leak issue that many Monterey users have been experiencing.

Now I’ve only been running this version of macOS for 24 hours so it’s still early days. But I am noticing that memory management is better on this version of MacOS. I am currently not seeing memory usage climb the way it was in version 12.0.1. And it seems to have much better memory management. Or put another way, memory that was in use by an application or a process is collected and returned to a state where it is available to be used by any application that needs it.

I’ll have to keep running my MacBook Pro over the next few days, but things looks promising so far.

I’ve also noticed the following:

  • I had a weird issue with USB hubs that would not work in 12.0.1. This now appears to be fixed in 12.1.
  • Because I run iStat Menus, I was able to notice immediately that CPU usage was down by 1-2% and temperatures were down by 1 – 2 degrees. In other words, the system appears to be working more efficiently.

I will continue to monitor this and let you know what my results are. If you have any feedback of your own, please leave a comment and share your observations with us.

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