Spotify’s New Problem – Taylor Swift’s Fans Call On Her To Pull Her Music From The Service

Now if you’re Spotify, you must have thought that things were improving today. Joe Rogan took to Instagram to sort of apologize for the firestorm that he created. And their stock is up after tanking and wiping out at least $2 billion dollars in market cap last week. Plus Spotify put out a kind of lame response as well. But overall, things were improving today.

Not so fast. Spotify is now facing this curveball:

Fans of Taylor Swift are calling on the pop superstar to pull her music from Spotify in solidarity with other musicians over the Joe Rogan podcast furor.


As a growing number of stars share their collective stance in no uncertain terms, eyes have now turned to “Shake It Off” singer Swift.

Adding Madonna and Adele’s name to the list of powerhouse stars who could potentially make Spotify sit up and listen, writer and director Peter Paige stated on Twitter it was a “really bad call” on the platform’s part to stick with Rogan.

“Hey @Spotify – bad call. Really bad call,” Paige wrote. “Choosing the side of disinformation in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Wow. I hope other artists -@taylorswift13 @Adele @Madonna – will align themselves with Neil Young.”

Noting Swift’s sizable fanbase, journalist Carlos Maza tweeted: “The way Taylor Swift could end Joe Rogan with a single tweet at Spotify… what is the hold up.”

Another fan called on Swift to “punish” Spotify for sticking with hugely popular podcast host Rogan by “ditching” the platform.

Wrote the fan: “Who else thinks it would be AMAZING for Taylor Swift to punish Spotify by DITCHING them for choosing Joe Rogan’s Covid lies over Neil Young’s music? RT so @taylorswift13 hears you!”

Also adding the names of other chart-topping musicians, another Twitter user said: “I’d like to see Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry join Neil Young & Joni Mitchell in leaving Spotify. It’s time to put the nail in the coffin. #GoodbyeSpotify.”

Forget Taylor Swift, if one or more of the artists mentioned above were to pull their music from Spotify, it could be an extinction level crisis for the company. And keep in mind that Swift did once pull her music from Spotify in protest over how they compensate artists. And she’s also criticized Apple Music for the same thing who then promptly altered how they pay artists. So it is possible that she would do it again if she felt in her interest to do so. And if she did go ahead with that, expect other artists to follow. Because it’s hard to be the first person to do something, but if you’re the second, third or fourth person, it becomes easier to do that same something.

This should be fun to watch.

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