BREAKING: NVIDIA Hit By Major Cyberattack

News is filtering out that NVIDIA who makes graphics chips for major PC companies among other things has been hit by a major cyberattack. The word on the street says that their business may have been partially or completely compromised as a result:

NVIDIA has seemingly been hit by a major cyberattack that may have completely compromised parts of its business, reports The Telegraph. In their exclusive report, The Telegraph reports that the cyberattack was initiated at the same time as the Russian cyber warfare division started their offensive against Ukraine. All Nato allies have announced major sanctions on Russia and this could potentially be why Russia has decided to target major companies such as NVIDIA. 

The report further states that the cyberattack on NVIDIA has completely compromised parts of their business and there are already reports from several users coming in regarding services disruption. The scale of this attack is currently unknown but it clearly seems to be a major one as NVIDIA had to take several systems offline to pacify the intrusion before it could spread further: “‘The ultimate concern is that somebody may have put something in one of the software updates,’ Dr Woodward said, pointing to the devastating SolarWinds hack that exploited American software companies to gain access to US government computer systems. ‘They’ll be going through trying to make sure to see if there’s any indication that anything has been changed in their software that they then shipped to their clients.'” NVIDIA’s mail servers were also partially operational during this time so it’s entirely likely that there might have been a breach in confidential documents. But it is not confirmed yet if any data was stolen.

This is far from trivial. If the threat actors, which at this point appears to be Russia, slipped something into software updates such as graphic card driver updates, then this could become a massive supply chain attack that could affect tens of thousands of users. If the threat actors stole anything, that could really hurt NVIDIA’s business in the long term.

My question is, will this prompt retaliation from the US and other allies? We’ll have to watch and see.

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