New LinkedIn Features To Destigmatize Career Breaks

The pandemic has caused many to take a break in their career. Whether forced or by choice, it’s become increasingly common for people around the world to have taken time away from work. While 57% of Canadians believe there’s a stigma attached to taking a career break, 61% wish there was a way to positively represent career breaks to recruiters and hiring managers.

This month, LinkedIn launched a new Profile tool specifically aimed at normalizing career breaks. Career Breaks is a new, optional entry in the Experience section of a person’s LinkedIn profile, with a unique appearance that makes it clear that a career break was not just another job.

People are able to choose from a range of options to show what type of career break they had, including important life events such as, full-time parenting, caregiving, career transitions and others.

New research from LinkedIn’s recent global survey of 22,995 respondents (including 1,000+ Canadians), as well as platform data on career breaks and flexibility found:

  • Having a career break is becoming more common.
  • 42% of Canadians have taken a career break by choice.
  • Career breaks can be valuable in assessing priorities.
    • 65% of Canadians say taking a career break helped them to gain perspective and figure out what they really want from life, and 52% would encourage others to take a career break if they could.
  • Yet there’s still a stigma associated with career breaks.
    • 57% of Canadians believe there’s a stigma associated with having a career break, and 53% believe having a career break on your resume makes you a less attractive job candidate.
  • But there is good news – sentiment around career breaks is changing for the better, and sharing details can shine a light on invaluable skills learned during time away from work.
    • 50% of hiring managers globally believe career breaks are becoming more common and 46% believe candidates with career breaks are an untapped talent pool.
      • 44% of hirers globally want to know the reason a candidate took a career break and 51% say they’re more likely to contact an applicant that provided context. 


According to a January 2022 global survey of 22,995 workers and 4,017 hiring managers (including 1,009 respondents in Canada) conducted by Censuswide on behalf of LinkedIn.

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