Airport Website Defaced In Ukrainian Related Attack

The website of Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, was hit with a cyberattack today, Newsweek has reported. The hackers left a message which was translated: “when the supply of weapons to Ukraine stops, attacks on the information structure of your country will instantly stop,” CyberKnow reported. “America, no one is afraid of you,” the message added. The CAA, which operates Bradley Airport, told Newsweek it was “actively monitoring an external attempt to crash the Bradley Airport website”.

Ayal Yogev, CEO and Cofounder, Anjuna Security had this comment:

The war in Ukraine means that every organization and every company should be more concerned about security. It seems that investors are getting it since the stocks of security companies are going up even as the rest of the market was going down. Companies are a part of this, whether they like it or not. They are going to become targets for both intelligence gathering and cyber-attacks. This means they should continue the invest in cybersecurity, and that they should think about their supply chain and where their software and hardware are coming from.

This attack appears just to be a website defacement. But given this was an airport, it could have been worse with far more catastrophic consequences. Thus enterprises must secure and monitor everything to ensure that they are not the next big story in Newsweek.

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