The Works Pwned By Hackers Shutting Down Some Stores

BBC News this morning reported that The Works shop was forced to shut some of their stores down after a cyber-attack. The retailer was forced to close 5 of its 526 stores after hackers gained access to its computer systems and caused issues with its tills. The Works has stated that no customer payment data was compromised. 

Chris Olson, CEO, The Media Trust, a digital safety platform:

“The Works breach follows many all-too-familiar beats based on my experience of cyberattacks directed at retailers. And while it seems that no credit card information has been impacted at this time, the reason is not necessarily reassuring: like many businesses, The Works processes payments from its Web and retail endpoints via one or more third parties.”

“Unfortunately, third parties are increasingly targeted by malicious actors, representing one of the most overlooked risk factors for breaches of financial information. One only has to look at Magecart to understand the potential ramifications. As part of its remediation and response, The Works should carefully evaluate its digital partners to ensure they are not vulnerable – otherwise this relatively small cyber incident may end in a much bigger one.”

The Works said it had told the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about the attack. Which means that if they screwed something up, we’ll out and they’ll be held accountable. I’ll be watching for that report when it comes.

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