Guest Post: 76% Of Companies Globally Suffered Service Downtime In The Past Year Says Atlas VPN

Service downtime can quickly convert into negative customer reviews and a ruined business image. Repeated outages can lead to dissatisfied customers.

According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, 76% of companies globally suffered service downtime in the past year. System crashes, human errors, and cyberattacks were the primary causes of downtime. In addition, many IT managers are concerned about increasing politically-driven cyberattacks.

IT managers named system crashes the top reason for company downtime, as 52% had to deal with this issue. A system crash occurs when a computer program such as a software application or an operating system stops functioning correctly and quits.

Following up, 42.3% of IT managers identified human error as the cause of company downtime. Some employees might disregard even the basic security measures and click on a malicious link.

As for cyberattacks, they were the cause of company downtime for 36% of IT managers. Cyberattacks are launched at enterprises cyberspace to disrupt, disable or control the computing environment.

Insider attacks accounted for 20.2% of companies suffering downtime in the past year. Such threats come from former or current employees and business associates who have inside information regarding the company’s data.

Lastly, 19.4% of companies did not experience downtime for any of the reasons mentioned above.

Cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN Vilius Kardelis shares his thoughts on blockchain-related hacks:

“A successful attack might have devastating effects on a company. Following alarming large-scale cyberattacks in 2021, organizations must respond proactively to the increasing risks. Many countries have already increased their cybersecurity budgets to combat cyber threats, and corporations should do the same.”

Politically driven cyberattacks

Politically motivated cyber-attacks have consequences. An attack of this type might have disastrous repercussions, and governments take it very seriously.

IT managers are getting more worried about politically-driven cyberattacks, as 45% expressed major concern. Furthermore, 41% of IT managers are moderately concerned about politically driven cyberattacks.

However, about 14% of IT managers are not very concerned or not concerned at all about the increase of politically-driven cyberattacks. Such an attitude can be dangerous, as cybercriminals do not choose their victims.

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