Freedom Mobile Had An Outage On Friday As Well…. Geez!

Canadians don’t need a second telco to have an outage. But apparently, Freedom Mobile who is owned by Shaw Communications is had an outage on Friday as confirmed by this Tweet:

However a quick look at Down Detector‘s outage map for Freedom Mobile shows that it was likely bigger than Souther Ontario.

From what I can tell, this started around 1PM on Friday and is resolved as I type this. But what makes matters worse from an optics perspective, Rogers who took a nationwide dirt nap on Friday in epic fashion wants to buy Shaw Communications. This is truly one of those situations where the jokes just write themselves. Though for those Freedom Mobile customers who were affected by this outage, it’s no joke.

Canadian telcos have to realize that they are under a microscope right now because of what happened on Friday as members of the media like yours truly are just waiting to pounce on any mis-step that they make.

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