Many Rogers Customers Still Without Service Three Days After The Epic Outage

If you go into the reality distortion field that Rogers is generating, you’ll believe that after their absolutely devastating nationwide outage on Friday, which if you’re keeping score at home is the second one in 15 months, all is almost fine in the universe. But that isn’t the case and even Rogers admits that:

According to CBC News, those who don’t have service are not happy campers to say the least:

After waiting hours on hold to speak with a Rogers representative, Rosanna Minicucci is still no closer to finding out when her landline, internet and TV service might be restored.

“I stayed five hours on hold, on the line. People are obviously calling — there are obviously a lot of people out there still with no service,” Minicucci, who lives in Vaughan, north of Toronto, said.

She is one of a number of Rogers customers who told CBC News they’re still struggling to use their phones, internet and other Rogers services more than 48 hours after Friday’s nationwide outage caused major disruptions, including to 911 lines and banking services.


With her internet down on Friday, Minicucci was unable to work from home as she usually does, and on Sunday afternoon, she was uncertain about whether her service would be restored in time for work on Monday morning.

“Will I stay with Rogers? How can I? I don’t trust their service,” she said

The fact is that you can’t trust Rogers at present.

While I get that if you have a major outage it will take time to get everyone back on line, to have people complaining three days after the outage is unacceptable. And given that this is the second time that this has happened in 15 months makes it even more unacceptable. I’ve had clients calling me who are back on line, and a few who aren’t asking me what they should do.

My advice goes something like this: If you have access to Bell Fibe, you should switch. I say that because even though Bell has the most horrible customer service in the history of mankind, as evidenced here, they are far more reliable than Rogers. The fact is that many of us are either working from home, or learning from home because of the state of the world at the moment. And when your pay packet or your education depends on reliable Internet, you need a telco that you can rely upon. At the moment, that’s not Rogers. And I don’t see a scenario where that will change. Sure, I’m always ready to be proven wrong by Rogers. But honestly, I really don’t think that’s going to happen. Never mind the fact that a lot of Canadians won’t be giving Rogers a second chance. Thus if you can switch to Bell, do so. Because I’m afraid that Rogers isn’t up to the job to do what they need to do to become far more resilient and reliable than they are now. And part of me is sad that I have to say that as I know a lot of past and present Rogers employees who are all good people and work hard. But I have to be honest. Given the fact that Canada has had two crippling nationwide outages in 15 months, it’s the truth.

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