Rogers Suffers Nationwide Outage…. Internet, TV, Landline And Cell Phones All Down

Canadian Telco Rogers has had some sort catastrophic ongoing outage since 5AM EST this morning taking down pretty much everything that they offer. TV, landline, Internet, cell phones are all down. And what was worse was that there was no comment from the telco until media started to report on it. Which led to this Tweet just before 9AM EST:

I have to admit that the fact that it took 4 hours for Rogers to say anything is pretty poor. The thing is, that this outage has significant knock on effects. I’ll illustrate this by showing you this screenshot from Down Detector:

As you can see, other ISPs such as TekSavvy who get services from Rogers are affected. Not only that Interac which processes debit and credit card payments are also affected. Which means if you want to buy anything today, you might want to bring cash just in case. And it’s worse than that. Police forces are reporting issues with 9-1-1 services:

I even threw in a somewhat funny side effect into this:

The bottom line is that this is widespread and serious. While I am sure that Rogers is working to resolve this as quickly as possible possible, I would expect that given the scale and scope of this outage, Rogers will have some very tough questions to answer about this. As in why this happened and what they are going to do to ensure that it never happens again.

Watch this space for more details.

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