A Quick Update About My Efforts To Dump Rogers For Bell

This update centres around this comment I made in my last update:

The person who I got on the line tried to modify my order, but couldn’t do that. Thus he claims he was forced to create a new order. But what sucks about this is that he also couldn’t cancel the order that I put in online, and I would have to call back in tomorrow or later tonight to cancel the order. I question why Bell doesn’t have a way to nuke the order themselves and force the customer to do it. In any case, I’ll be calling them tomorrow and I will let you know how that goes.

So I called into Bell this morning, and according to the rep that I spoke to, apparently the order “isn’t being recognized by the system. So It will be automatically deleted.”

So why am I calling in precisely? And why doesn’t the rep that I spoke to yesterday know that? Assuming that what was told to me was accurate.

But it gets better. The rep that I spoke to said “When orders are entered online, there’s a high chance that they won’t go anywhere. Thus customers will wait for an install that will never happen.”

Assuming that the above statement is correct, it sounds really dumb. Why have the ability to order online if it doesn’t work a lot of the time? That to me makes no sense. To me it seems that either Bell’s systems are broken, or this is another way to get you to call in so that they can upsell you to death, or both. But the good news is that I took the opportunity to confirm that my install for next Thursday is still on. At least as I type this. My wife is expecting something to go sideways on that front because it’s Bell and she has no confidence in them. But what gives me a small amount of hope is that later in the morning, I got an automated call from Bell confirming that install was still on track.

Normally I would be holding my advice for Bell till I got through this process. But here’s one piece of advice for them in the here and now. They need to ensure that their customers can place orders via multiple channels in a friction free way. If they want to speak to a human (and get upsold till the cows come home), they should be able to do that. If they don’t want to speak to any humans at all and order online, they should be able to do that. And regardless of the channel that they choose, it has to work 100% of the time. That alone would improve how customers perceive them. Especially these days where I am guessing that they are getting customers from Rogers at a tremendous rate.

You might want to get on that Bell.

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