Bell Announces An 8Gbps Internet Offering And WiFi 6E… Rogers Must Be Freaking

I guess Bell is taking the attitude that Rogers is in very deep trouble and they have the opportunity to take them out once and for all. I say that because Bell just dropped a press release in the last few minutes that must have Rogers execs quaking in their boots:

Today, Bell announced that it is set to deliver the fastest Internet speeds in North America of any major provider. As announced previously this year, Bell is already the fastest of any major provider in the country with 3Gbps and is now introducing even faster symmetrical speeds of up to 8Gbps, the fastest of any speeds offered today by any major provider. With these speeds, and in select areas of Toronto, Bell pure fibre Internet will have download speeds five times faster than cable technology and upload speeds 250 times faster than cable technology. Bell also will bring Wi-Fi 6E in the home, the fastest Wi-Fi technology available, and when coupled with North America’s fastest Internet speeds, is set to transform the at-home experience.


Bell will roll out North America’s fastest Internet speeds and Wi-Fi technology of any major provider to customers starting in September. 8Gbps speeds will be available starting in select Toronto areas, with more regions across the country to follow. The new Giga Hub enabling Wi-Fi 6E will be available for customers in Ontario and Québec starting this Fall and later expanding to other provinces. New and existing customers can call Bell for more details or visit

This is clearly a response to Rogers who is rolling out 8Gbps in “select communities”. But the thing is, I am not aware of anywhere that actually has this service. Thus giving the impression that this is vapourware. Though someone from Rogers, as I know that they read my posts, is free to correct me on that. Contrast that with Bell who based on their previous history typically has rapid availability on what they announce in a press release. So if they say that 8Gbps will be available in September, I believe them.

Another thing that is different than what Rogers is offering is that Bell is also offering up their equipment with WiFi 6E. While I advise against using an ISP’s gear because of the fact that it’s a means to lock you into using their services, the move to WiFi 6E is sure to entice some toward Bell as that will fully leverage the speeds that they are offering. Now I am sure that Rogers will do the same thing eventually, but Bell was first and yet again has the technological high ground.

It will be interesting to see how or if Rogers responds to this as they have other issues to deal with at the moment. For example, dealing with the fallout from the nationwide outage in July, and the clear and present danger of the merger with Shaw Communications failing.

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