Rogers Tries To Match Bell With 8 Gbps Service…. When Customers Will Actually Get It Is Anyone’s Guess

You might recall that Bell not too long ago announced 8 Gbps service that is due to start rolling out in September. I guess that this was enough to make Rogers freak out and push out 8 Gbps service as well:

Rogers today announced that it is the first major provider in Canada to launch a new Wi-Fi modem with Wi-Fi 6E – the world’s most powerful Wi-Fi technology. Building on the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6E enables multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, ultra-low lag times, and increased capacity for more connections than ever before. Select customers in areas across Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland can now take advantage of the new Wi-Fi modem for the best in-home Wi-Fi experience that will revolutionize how they game, stream and connect, now and in the future.

Now of course there’s a catch. And here it is:

Building on its commitment to deliver the fastest Internet speeds of any major provider in Canada, Rogers premium Ignite Internet with 8 Gbps symmetrical speeds is now available for pre-order. 

Note the words “pre-order”. Rogers in their press release doesn’t say when it will actually be available. Contrast that with Bell who said that their 8 Gbps service will be available in September in Toronto, and elsewhere soon after that. And based on Bell’s previous history, if they say it, they deliver it. Thus this appears to be another “fiber to the press release” type of deal from Rogers where they announce something, but don’t actually put a stake into the ground as to when it will actually be delivered. Thus while this sounds interesting, until it actually rolls out it’s kind of meaningless. But I guess they need a distraction from their July outage related issues. Or their Shaw takeover related issues.

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