Rogers Shares More Details About The July Outage

The cynic in my says that because of public pressure, the CRTC, and likely customers fleeing the telco, Rogers has shared more details about the nationwide outage in July. You can find the details in this Microsoft Word document here (Dumb question: Why doesn’t Rogers simply PDF this stuff?) But here’s what you need to know.

  • The outage affected 13 million wireline and wireless customers. 2.9 million customers were wireline and 10.2 million were wireless customers.
  • Rogers in the document provides more specifics on actions it took following the outage and details on its internal process for major network upgrades.
  • Wireless services were Rogers’ first priority of restoration. Wireline services were next. Critical care services (including police, hospital, and airports) was the third thing Rogers restored.

But there’s still a lot that Rogers didn’t disclose as the document is still heavily redacted. Thus I am going to stick by what I said when they initially filed this document. Which is that they have something to hide. A cynical view I know. But it’s the only view that one could have given the facts at hand. Now I get that there’s certain things that may be competitive info that Rogers may not want to share. But given that this was an outage that rocked the country, a larger degree of transparency by Rogers is going to be way better from a public image perspective than trying to cloak stuff as being competitive info.

Let’s see if the CRTC request for more info that I spoke about earlier today brings more details to light about this outage.

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