Cheers to the class of ’22: Uber Canada unveils first-ever Uber Yearbook 

School might soon be back in session, but Uber isn’t finished toasting the class of 2022. For the first time ever, Uber Canada is unveiling its Uber Yearbook, Class of 2022, celebrating some of this year’s best drivers and delivery people in true high-school yearbook fashion – by awarding superlatives!

This year just wouldn’t have been the same without the exceptional drivers and delivery people that we all rely on, know and love. Who can forget the driver who gave you the pep talk you needed to ace your interview, who talked you through a tough breakup, or wrote a birthday note on those cupcakes for your mom when you couldn’t be with her in person?

The class of ’22 definitely brought that Uber magic this year and we’re all grateful for it. That’s why the Uber Yearbook, Class of 2022 recognizes 11 special drivers and delivery people.

The Uber Yearbook can be found here.

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