A-LIGN Announces A-SCEND: The Industry’s First End-To-End Compliance Software

Compliance, cybersecurity, cyber risk, and privacy provider A-LIGN has launched the industry’s first end-to-end compliance software, efficiently resulting in the highest quality reports. 

A-SCEND allows teams of all sizes to gain instant visibility into their cybersecurity and compliance standing, create policies, and manage evidence, all in one centralized platform. 

A-SCEND is A-LIGN’s award-winning compliance automation platform that combines decades of auditor experience, millions of information requests reviewed for compliance, and thousands of client input with intuitive automation. The software can meet the demand of all organizational compliance audit needs, enable security year-round, and help rapidly scale an organization’s business as its compliance needs grow. As the top SOC 2 issuer in the world and with the broadest breadth and depth of compliance services, A-LIGN can support businesses of any size across any industry with their compliance needs.

A-SCEND’s New Features

  • Automated Evidence Collection: Saves time and resources
  • Cloud Integrations: Gets organizations from readiness to report faster
  • Continuous Monitoring: Reduces potential security threats
  • Policy Center: Provides readily available industry best practices 
  • Guided Readiness Assessments: Decreases time to reach audit readiness
  • Consolidated Audit Requests: Satisfies multiple audit requirements easily 

Organizations will benefit from a streamlined end-to-end audit journey that results in a trusted, well-respected SOC 2 report for stakeholders who require the utmost validation of their protected information. With these new feature introductions to A-SCEND and an optimized audit process, A-LIGN continues to bring its customer-first, technology-forward services approach to organizations worldwide. 

To learn more about streamlining audits and reaching compliance faster with A-LIGN, please visit https://www.a-lign.com/a-scend.  

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