The Backlash To Rogers Being “Committed To Canadians” Has Been Swift And Harsh

This didn’t take long.

I posted a story earlier today about Rogers putting out a video and some talking points to say that they’ve heard you and they will do better. The video ended with Rogers employees saying that they are “Committed To Canadians”. In that story, I said this:

Now all of this is nice. But I have to wonder if Canadians are willing to commit to Rogers as much as Rogers wants to commit to them? 

I also said this:

The point is that if two dozen people who pinged me on this didn’t buy what Rogers was communicating, chances are the public at large isn’t buying this either and this attempt by Rogers to “earn back your trust” to use their words likely has fallen flat.

Well, I think it’s official. Rogers message to the public has fallen flat. First, let me post the tweet that they put out yesterday with the video:

Now let’s read some of the backlash.

And this is the problem that Rogers is facing right now. Nobody is willing to give them a second chance because nobody believes what they are saying. And before anyone says that this is just the Twitterverse raging, it’s not. I’m hearing the same feedback from people who aren’t on Twitter. Which means that Rogers must know that this attempt to make their outage related problems go away has crashed and burned.

If I were in front of Rogers C level execs, here’s what I would be saying: A well edited video, promises of improvements with zero details and timescales that the Canadian public can hold you to, and not explaining why the outage happened in detail and instead appearing to hide behind redacted documents to the CRTC, isn’t going to result in earning back the trust of Canadians. Instead it’s going to drive them to Bell and Telus depending on what’s available in a given area of Canada. Which I suspect is happening now as I type this.

Now if Rogers does explain the outage in detail, if Rogers provides details and timescales as to what Rogers is going to do to make sure that this never happens again, and Rogers shows that Rogers is meeting those timescales, that will begin to earn back the trust that went up in smoke on July 8th. Key word: Begin.

So how about it Rogers? Are you willing to go way outside your comfort zone to earn back the trust of Canadians? Canada is watching what you do next and making their telco decisions accordingly.

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