OVHcloud Completes Its Storage Solutions Giving Object Storage Offer Compatibility With S3 API

OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, offers a wide array of storage solutions to meet clients’ expectations and scaling needs. With the exponential growth in data volume year on year, the Cloud native architectures are essentially based on non-structured data. To meet demand, OVHcloud now offers a unique experience around different universes with its new High-Performance Object Storage and Standard Object Storage ranges.

High-Performance Object Storage: more features, more geographies

OVHcloud’s the High-Performance Object Storage solution, aimed at the most demanding apps, is based on S3 API and combines reliability and performance. Launched in early 2022 as a highly scalable solution, High-Performance Object Storage continues to evolve and now supports encryption and Object Lock. OVHcloud has also expanded its geographies with an additional French data center in Gravelines (GRA) and launch in North American markets, first with Beauharnois (BHS) in Canada, soon to be followed by two data centers in the US.

Standard Object Storage: the best price/performance ratio now S3 compatible

To address data storage needs with no specific performance constraints, the Group is launching OVHcloud Standard Object Storage. Now addressable through the S3 API, the Standard Object Storage offer is easy to implement and integrates seamlessly within the customer workflow participating in a fully reversible Cloud. At the core of OVHcloud storage strategy, Standard Object Storage stands out by its price/performance ratio with a monthly rate of 9.50 CDN per terabyte. With predictable costs in mind, the offer includes internal traffic to OVHcloud servers.

File Storage: evolution of the NAS-HA service

To meet the high availability storage needs of structured data, OVHcloud is evolving its file storage service with redundancy NAS-HA, which is especially valuable within virtualized environments or collaborative platforms. Integrated in a transparent form to the OVHcloud ecosystem, NAS-HA is fully managed and relies on OpenZFS technology with support for NFS and CFIS protocols. With a totally revamped user interface, NAS-HA is built upon SSD disks. Storage tiers range from 3 to 144 TB with a monthly rate starting at 228.99 CDN for 3 terabytes, without any traffic limitation (in/out). The offer is available in France (RBX and SBG) as well as Canada (BHS).

Cold Archive: secure and long-term data archive

Later this year, OVHcloud will launch its new storage service, Cold Archive – a hyper-resilient solution at a very competitive price. This service, working with Standard Object Storage, will allow businesses to store over the long term, while benefiting from maximum security and reliability. The service is based on:

  • 4 mini data centers located across France with at least 200km of distance between sites. With each site interconnected, a permanent level of backup is guaranteed with redundancy mechanisms, to support every situation.
  • A resilient tape-based archives solution, developed in partnership with IBM and Atempo. This will provide customers with an ultra-secure storage solution for the very long term with two advantages: a high level of security and low power as soon as data is written on tapes that become offline.

Performance focus: Block Storage adopts NVMe Over Fabric

Block storage is ideally suited for transactional processing as well as databases as it favours speed and adapts to scaling. One possible use case is the ability for customers of OVHcloud’s Managed Kubernetes services to store data from these microservices within the offer. 

The Block Storage offer will soon include a solution supporting NVMe Over Fabric. With the use of NVMe SSD and the NVMe protocol, it will provide best possible performance. Based on EXTEN developments, Block Storage Exten will benefit from performances higher than 50K IOPS and will be able to saturate 100 Gbps network connections. A Beta version is expected by the end of this year.

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