Australian Wine Dealer Pwned In Cyber Attack

Vinomofo, an Australian wine dealer, suffered a cyber attack after a third party accessed their database on a testing platform, according to the company Chief Executive. Vinomofo’s 500k customers are at risk of having names, DOBs, addresses, email addresses, phone number and genders leaked. Vinomofo has stated they do not hold identity or financial information of their customers and no passwords were accessed. Which is cold comfort to anyone who’s been affected by this.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and Founder, BlackFog had this comment:

     “This attack is the latest in a string of occurrences aimed at Australian businesses. As we can see, small businesses are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as larger enterprises. We are seeing a growing trend where threat actors are focusing on organizations with weak cybersecurity posture as they are easy prey. If Australian companies fail to invest in preventative cybersecurity measures, they will surely begin to see the country rising in the ranking of the most attacked countries. Although this particular attack has not yet revealed banking information, any leaked customer data will undoubtably have serious consequences. When it comes to preventing these types of cyberattacks and breaches, organizations must take a new approach, only by preventing data exfiltration can they really ensure their data and that of their customers is truly secure.”

The other Australian businesses who have been pwned lately include Optus and Medibank. Clearly the government in Australia needs to do more to force companies to have better defences against this sort of thing. I say that because clearly the status quo is not working.

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