New Social Security Administration Phishing Scam Targets U.S. Citizens with SSN Suspension Threats: Inky

INKY detected an influx of phishing emails from the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). While the email display address reads “Social_Security_Administration,” further inspection reveals the sender’s true origin to be a random Gmail address. 

INKY has published a report analyzing the Gmail senders’ origin, phone number in PDF attachment payload, brand impersonation, and voice phishing (vishing) techniques, and the subject lines, which include case and docket numbers to make the phishing threat seem more official. 

This attack is the second government agency phishing campaign out of three that INKY will publish over the next two weeks. Last week, INKY published the first of this series, which you can find here: Small Business COVID-19 Grants Designed for Disaster

You can see the latest report that INKY has published here.

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