AppDynamics highlights a new class of post-pandemic agents of transformation

One of the terms often heard at development conferences is ‘change agents’. The term, which some trace back to 2018, refers to leaders in the technology sector who have been vital in transforming roles, organizations, technologies, etc. And while the last 4 years have been quite productive for the sector, many technologists today feel that being one is harder than ever.  

The insight comes from the study conducted by AppDynamics: ‘Agents of Transformation 2022: Innovating in the Experience Economy’ whose objective was to know the perception of IT professionals to determine how they saw the role of agents of transformation today.  

72% of Canadian technologists believe their experiences in recent years – particularly during the pandemic – have accelerated their careers, and 88% now consider themselves to be business leaders. Also, 82% say the skills and qualities that define an Agent of Transformation have evolved. 

The study revealed that in order to be considered a Transformation Agent, technologists need to be committed to leaving a positive legacy within their organizations and beyond, successfully driving business and digital transformation projects, and always doing things differently to shape a better future for all. On the other hand, they need to recognize the necessity to continually learn and develop their own skills, to reassure and educate those around them, and to collaborate to deliver maximum customer and business impact. 

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