Tips to make your drive safer and easier while getting to events this November: Plan your drive with Waze

t’s that time of year – when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, and special events around the city take over our calendars!

For example, Katharine Harvey’s Light Up Downsview: A Drone Performance this Saturday (Nov 12) is at capacity, so attendees and residents in the area can expect the roads to be busy. The same will be true for other events happening this month including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Nov 4 – 13); Santa Claus parades in Ontario throughout November and December; the One of a Kind 2022 Winter Show (Nov 24 – Dec 4); Cavalcade of Lights (Nov 26); and Glow Toronto – Christmas Light Festival & Market (Nov 30 – Dec 31).

Torontonians and visitors from out of town heading to any of these events can plan their routes ahead of time (especially when weather is unpredictable) and get real-time traffic alerts from fellow drivers and riders while en route with community-based navigation app Waze. Here are some tips for navigating to events like these safely while avoiding traffic – making your travel time less stressful and giving you more time for fun: 

Plan your drive ahead of time: Waze can help drivers choose the best route to their destination in advance, based on traffic patterns. It will even remind you when it’s time to leave.

Real-time reports: When using the app, users will see real-time reports of crashes, alternative routes, construction, weather hazards and traffic conditions — to help drivers make the best routing choice

Find parking: Need to find a parking lot near your scheduled drive? Once you’ve planned a drive, simply tap the three dots next to the drive and tap Find parking. This will bring up parking lots on the map close to your destination. Alternatively, after you have started a drive you can tap on the blue down arrow to pull up your drive details and select ‘P’ under “Add a stop.” This will pull up parking lot locations near your final destination as pins on the map, with details and the option to “Park here.”

Gas station feature: Get the most up-to-date gas location and pricing information. The Waze Gas Station feature notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, prompting users to update the price of gas at specific locations so other Waze users can search for the cheapest prices in their area.

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