Rogers Releases New Internet Speed Tiers…. With The Same Pathetic Upstream Speed

Just this morning a reader of this blog pointed me towards this page on Rogers website where it appears that Rogers has released new Internet speed tiers:

It looks like Rogers has deleted the 1 Gbps tier and added a 1.5 Gbps and a 2.5 Gbps tier. As always, the Devil is in the detail. so if you go looking for detail, you’ll notice this:

Now I am using the 1.5 Gbps tier as an example of this as I couldn’t find an address where the 2.5 Gbps tier was available, but the first thing that should grab your attention is the upload speed which is a laughable 50 Mbps. Any of Bell’s Internet tiers will simply destroy this without breaking a sweat if a potential customer compares the two against each other. How Rogers can put this out there and try to sell it with a straight face is beyond me. The other thing that I notice is that they call this “Pure fibre to your home”. I find that unlikely to be the case given the upload speed. This sounds like Rogers existing cable infrastructure jazzed up to sound like it is competitive with Bell’s fibre to the home offering, when in actual fact it is not even in the same league.

What kills me is that Bell has had actual fibre to the home for five or more years now. Meanwhile Rogers fibre footprint is so tiny, it’s microscopic because I am guessing that they are trying to milk every last cent from copper cable that they can. That leaves Rogers at a significant disadvantage. At this point, Rogers really needs to suck it up and start rolling out fibre everywhere they operate, or just roll out DOCSIS 4.0 instead which may give them a fighting chance against Bell. And if somehow Rogers and Shaw manage to close their deal to merge, Rogers will face the same problem with Telus out west. The bottom line is that while this is a mildly interesting development, this does nothing to make Rogers more competitive with Bell in areas where the two compete against each other.

Nice try Rogers.

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