Rogers Changes Their Advertising For Their Internet Service After Claiming That They Deliver “Pure Fibre To Your Home”

Rogers last week released new Internet speeds, and in an article that I wrote about it, I said this:

The other thing that I notice is that they call this “Pure fibre to your home”. I find that unlikely to be the case given the upload speed. This sounds like Rogers existing cable infrastructure jazzed up to sound like it is competitive with Bell’s fibre to the home offering, when in actual fact it is not even in the same league.

That was based on this screen shot:

You’ll notice the “Pure fibre to your home” line in that screen shot. In short, I was calling BS on that because Rogers has so little fibre deployed when compared to Bell or TELUS, it’s not even worth talking about. I guess that other people must have said the same thing, because if you look on Rogers website, you now see this:

It no longer says “Pure fibre to your home”.

That says to me that they got called out on this by customers, regulators, or both. And as a result they had to change it. But the fact that Rogers had the audacity to even use the words “Pure fibre to your home” when the majority of the network is copper cable is mind blowing. This is the sort of thing that makes Rogers look really bad as no company their size should be caught “manipulating the truth” to grab more subscribers. Ever.

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