Bell Gigahub Issues Seem To Be Resolved

I’ve been tracking issues with Bell’s new Gigahub which is part of their 8 Gbps fibre rollout. Specifically there were issues with getting PPPoE pass through to work with your own router. PPPoE bypass by far the cleanest way to use your own hardware. That is assuming that your router can handle the overhead that PPPoE creates so that you get the speed that you’ve paid Bell for. It became clear that this was a Bell issue and they have been working on a updated firmware to address this. I’ve been following a thread on DSL Reports where it is becoming clear that the firmware that is working for those who have been testing it. That’s very good news.

If you are in this situation, my suggestion would be to go to the Bell Direct Forum at DSL Reports and ask a user named Bell_Dom who is a Bell employee to push the firmware to your Gigahub. Eventually I would assume that this will be pushed to all Gigahubs so everyone can benefit from this new firmware.

UPDATE: Bell appears to be rolling out firmware to Gigahub users. Details here.

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