Elon Musk Picks A Fight With Apple Again As He Hikes Twitter Blue Pricing to $11 For iPhone Users

After visiting Apple HQ to make peace with Apple after taking shots at them over them allegedly pulling advertising, Elon Musk is stirring things up again according to Reuters as he’s wanting to charge $11 for Twitter Blue if you pay via his iPhone App. But if you pay directly on Twitter.com, it’s $7.99.

This is clearly about making sure that Apple’s 30% cut of anything bought in app in the Apple ecosystem stays in Elon’s pocket. The real question is, will Apple retaliate? That’s going to be tricky because if Apple does nothing, other app developers will try the same thing. But if they go to war with Elon, it might be playing into his hands as he wants to pick a fight with Apple. It will be interesting to see which option Apple chooses.

Get your popcorn ready. This will be fun.

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