Apple Pulls Option For HomeKit Users To Upgrade to New Home Architecture

One of the things that Apple touted when iOS 16 and macOS Ventura were announced were that they were moving HomeKit to a new Architecture. Apple in typical Apple fashion didn’t give details on what this meant as Apple doesn’t want you looking behind the curtain so to speak. But they did promise improved reliability and performance of your HomeKit setup. This option was finally released in iOS 16.2 and almost instantly there were reports of issues. Lots of issues. And I do mean a lot of issues. Now I was going to update to the new home architecture over the holidays because I tend to wait for a bit to see what issues others are having. And I am glad that I did based on the above.

Now it seems that Apple has pulled the option to upgrade entirely. When you go into software update in the Home app, you should see the option to upgrade. But as of last night you don’t:

The option should be above the automatic updates for HomePod option. But it’s disappeared as of last night. And Reddit users are reporting the same thing. Thus it’s clear that Apple has pulled this option. This brings forth a pair of questions:

  • What happens if you have already upgraded?
  • When is it coming back?

Apple hasn’t commented on this, because Apple never comments on anything that they screw up unless they are forced to. So we may never find out. But it would be nice if they did say something.

How about it Apple?

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