Apple Confirms That They Pulled The Option For HomeKit Users To Upgrade to New Home Architecture

Yesterday, I posted a story on the fact that Apple had seemingly pulled the option for HomeKit users to upgrade to the new HomeKit architecture. At the time there was no confirmation by Apple that they had done this. But there were lots of reports of issues regarding this upgrade. Thus it would not surprise anyone if it was pulled because of that.

Today we have confirmation that Apple has pulled this upgrade. And it comes via this support document that was posted yesterday

Well, now we know that Apple did pull this and that people who had upgraded are not affected by this change. Apple also published a support document which is meant to help those who are having issues with HomeKit. The support document outlines what to do if you can’t access a home or accept an invitation in the Home app. All of these are the common issues that I have seen online.

You have to wonder what went wrong here. I didn’t beta test this upgrade, but people that I know who did had no issues. But when it was released to the public, it became a train wreck. Hopefully Apple does a post mortem on this to understand what went wrong here as it’s got to be pretty embarrassing for them to pull this feature after users had issues with it.

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