Google productivity expert offering Inbox organization tips for a more productive new year

With 2023 around the corner, there is no better time to reset and look at ways to be more productive and efficient at home and at the office so that people can spend more time on the things that they love. 

Laura Mae Martin, Executive Productivity Advisor at Google, suggests that if Canadians are looking to boost their productivity in the new year – the best place to start is their email inboxes, a place where many of us spend too many hours each day. Her tips include:

  • How to use filters and AI to stay clear of spam as a way to avoid scams and annoying emails flooding your inbox
  • Smart archiving in bulk techniques to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by a crowded post-holiday inbox
  • Muting email threads so you don’t have to see every update on less-urgent conversations pop into your inbox, giving you the opportunity to catch up when it’s convenient for you
  • Creating multiple email addresses with a plus sign to streamline and categorize your email. Sign up for different things like “online shopping” or “gym memberships” things using different forms of your email address with a simple plus sign –
  • Looking at privacy as well as clutter by taking advantage of free tools and resources like Security Checkup and a Privacy Checkup to kick off your new productive inboxes in a safe way

If you are interested in learning more, check out Google’s latest blog post on the topic.

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