Apple Sued Again Over Privacy

You might recall at the end of last year, some researchers discovered that Apple records, tracks, collects, and monetizes analytics data, regardless of safeguards or a consumers’ selected privacy settings. And that led to a lawsuit. Well, we have another lawsuit that has been filed in regards to privacy. This one was filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania a few days ago and alleges the following:

  • Apple records and uses the personal information and activity of consumers, drawn from products like the iPhone and apps.
  • This is allegedly performed even if the user enters settings that they don’t want data shared. 

This on the surface sounds just like the other lawsuit that I linked to earlier. Now Apple of course has not commented on this or the other lawsuit. But with these claims mounting, Apple needs to address this in some way as they trade on privacy. And at the moment, it seems that Apple has been perhaps less than truthful about their privacy claims.

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