Uber sharing travel trends and new making airport travel a breeze with new features

Canadians everywhere are flying out of their seats at the opportunity to travel and get out to see the world again. And with spring and March Break just around the corner, many Canadians are looking for easier ways to plan their travel and navigate buzzing airports across the country.

As Uber trips to the airport are outpacing pre-pandemic levels, today, Uber is launching new in-app products and features as well as sharing Canadian travel trends to take stress and guesswork out of travel planning and, ultimately, help get Canadians to and from, and even around, the airport as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Be ready to roll from the get-go: With Uber Travel, you can reserve rides for each leg of your itinerary in one fell swoop. Just connect your Gmail account and Uber will do the rest, organizing your hotel, flight, and restaurant reservations all in one place for a stress-free travel experience. With Uber Reserve, you can choose the ride that best fits your budget, luggage, and group size needs. Plus, you can also book your ride up to 90 days in advance, enabling you to lock in your ride at the same time as your flight and hotel, leaving no part of your trip to chance.
  • Minimize airport wandering to maximize your time for adventure: Seamlessly make your way through the airport with the new step-by-step wayfinding feature on our app. With detailed directions to get from the gate to the rideshare pick-up area, their new wayfinding product will help you navigate through airports with ease. Available at 30+ airports across the globe including Toronto YYZ and Calgary YYC in Canada.
  • Every minute counts: We all know the feeling of waiting to deboard a plane and wondering how long it’ll take to get from the gate to your ride. That’s why Uber is rolling out a new feature to help you plan how long it will take to walk from your gate to baggage claim, so you can accurately request your Uber ride. Available soon at more than 400 airports around the world including airports in the following Canadian cities: Montreal, London, Vancouver, Kitchener-Waterloo, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Hamilton, Halifax, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Windsor, Kingston, Edmonton, Niagara Region, and Saskatoon.
  • Business Travel: Soon Uber for Business will be rolling out Business Comfort in select cities, an exclusive ride option for those traveling for work with a unique business-class experience. 


Heading into one of the year’s busiest travel seasons, Uber looked at Uber Rides data to share new trends and insights highlighting how Canadians like to travel—from the busiest time and day of the week for travel to and from the airport to their favourite pre-flight eats!

Whether it’s arriving at the airport with enough time to grab a bite or looking for a quick and easy ride home after your travels, check out how these Canadian travel habits might help you plan your next trip.

Hello beauty sleep and goodbye to the red-eye

  • We’re a nation of early risers that want to be home by the end of the workday. On average, Canadians travel the most to the airport at 6:00 a.m. and back home at 5:00 p.m. Toronto is full of keeners, with the earliest travel time to the airport at 5:00 a.m. and Vancouverites want to be home by lunch, precisely at noon. 

We’d rather celebrate TGIF in the sky

  • What better way to kick off travel plans than with a weekend to play? Canadians would rather travel to the airport on Fridays and give themselves a three-day weekend by travelling back home from the airport on Mondays. If one thing is for sure, it’s that we know how to live it up.

We take our pre-flight culinary pre-gaming seriously

  • Many of us resort to snacking while waiting to board our flights—”treat yourself” is a way of life in our great nation. Canadians’ favourite way to do this? With breakfast sandwiches and muffins. As expected, we also have city-specific tastes. Toronto and Calgary have a penchant for spice with orders like pad thai, chicken shawarmas, butter chicken, and naan. Montréal loves tried, tested, and true comfort foods—think dumplings, fried chicken, and burgers. And Vancouver? With a (very specific) popular order of half chicken, fries, and soup, we’ll let you decide for yourself.


To help Canadians prepare for takeoff with these new airport features, Uber One members who use Uber Reserve in March 2023 will earn $20 in Uber Cash to put towards their next Reserve ride with the code GORESERVE. Canadians can rely on Uber to help them get where they need to go and back again safely, stress-free, and on time.

The full news release on the Uber website here.

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