Petition Launched To Get TD Bank To Support Google Pay

I wrote a while ago about the fact that TD Bank doesn’t for whatever reason support Google Pay. At the time I said this:

I find it mind blowing that in 2021 TD Canada doesn’t support Google Pay as there are a ton of Android phones out there due to the fact that a number of companies make Android phones with the hardware to do contactless payments. TD Canada really needs to do something about this because this is a serious #Fail and at some point, customers of TD Canada will start dealing with other banks in Canada who supported Google Pay ages ago.

That was in 2021 and two years later, there is still no support for Google Pay. That’s where this petition hopes to change things:

Android TD_Canada customers are stuck (in 2019 no less) with no reliable mobile payment system.  TD Canada has decided instead of letting Google handle mobile payments through platform integrated GooglePay, they themselves will take on (duplicate) the development burden and create their own payment app.  The resulting app doesn’t work on Android 10, doesn’t even support their own debit card, is a pain to open, and only has SMS based 2fa.

We hate it, we all hate it, it’s terrible.

Complains have been going on for years, through constant tweets falling on deaf ears.

Even more frustrating is that they have allowed ApplePay through iPhone for years.

TD is falling behind even small credit unions providing GooglePay support.

Get with the times, listen to your customers, stop thinking your development team is better or more equipped than Google.  


As I type this, this petition had just under 2700 signatures. That’s not a trivial amount. But it highlights the fact that TD bank has not only dropped the ball, they dropped the ball years ago. And people on Team Android aren’t happy. And rightfully so.

TD Bank appears on the outside to be a customer centric organization. This is their chance to prove it by adopting Google Pay.

4 Responses to “Petition Launched To Get TD Bank To Support Google Pay”

  1. TD signed a contract with Apple that prevents them from ever being able to user GooglePay. That’s why they’ll never talk about it or answer questions regarding Google Pay, they simply act like it does not exist.

  2. It finally works. You can add TD credit cards to Google wallet.

  3. […] for Google Wallet and only having support for Apple Wallet. This angered users and sparked a petition to encourage TD to provide this support. I guess that this worked as 9to5Google is now saying that […]

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