TD Canada Angers Google Users By Supporting Samsung Pay & Apple Pay, But Not Google Pay

Samsung yesterday announced that TD cards, TD Access Cards and TD credit cards are now supported by Samsung Pay in Canada. Instructions for setting that up can be found here. This joins TD Canada’s support for Apple Pay.

Now that should have been a good news day for TD. But it wasn’t. TD in Canada doesn’t support Google Pay. And they aren’t handling the blowback from that very well. Here’s an example:

That’s a horrible response from whomever is in charge of their Twitter account. But I am not surprised as this example illustrates that TD Canada really needs to rethink how they deal with customers over social media. Because right now they aren’t doing a great job of doing so and it isn’t helping their cause. Neither is the fact that that there’s now a petition that is gaining steam. It currently has just over 1500 signatures as I type this. Which is also not a good look for TD Canada.

My $0.02 worth: I find it mind blowing that in 2021 TD Canada doesn’t support Google Pay as there are a ton of Android phones out there due to the fact that a number of companies make Android phones with the hardware to do contactless payments. TD Canada really needs to do something about this because this is a serious #Fail and at some point, customers of TD Canada will start dealing with other banks in Canada who supported Google Pay ages ago.

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