LinkedIn Introduces Free Verification Feature in Canada

Today LinkedIn launched the CLEAR identity verification feature for use on LinkedIn in Canada. As of Thursday August 18, Canadian LinkedIn members will have the opportunity to add an extra layer of trust and authenticity to their profiles and verify their identity using CLEAR, a cutting-edge verification platform. 

With CLEAR, LinkedIn members can now verify their identity by using their Canadian government ID and phone number. This verification process sets a new standard for reliability and credibility on the platform, reinforcing LinkedIn’s commitment to fostering a trusted community of professionals in Canada. 

Many Canadian LinkedIn members can also verify their workplace using their work email addresses, enhancing the credibility of their professional information.  

LinkedIn aims to provide trusted and verified information for professionals in Canada, fostering a reliable platform for their career journeys. These new verification tools aim to provide LinkedIn members in Canada increased confidence when learning, applying for jobs, and networking. They are designed to facilitate engagement with professionals who are likely to be credible and trustworthy. 

For more information about this announcement, you can read the details here.  

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