LinkedIn Accounts Pwned In Massive Hacking Campaign

As reported by Cyberint, LinkedIn is being targeted in a surge of account hacks, takeovers and lockouts with the inability for users to resolve the issues through LinkedIn’s support.

“While LinkedIn has not yet issued an official announcement, it appears that their support response time has lengthened, with reports of a high volume of support requests,” reports Cyberint’s researcher Coral Tayar.

Meanwhile, users have taken to various online forums such as Twitter and Reddit to air their frustrations regarding LinkedIn’s lack of response and support in recovering the breached accounts, some reporting it’s been almost a week and they haven’t received assistance yet.

As observed by Cyberint in many accounts, the attackers appear to be using leaked credentials or brute-force to attempt to gain control. For accounts that are well protected, the takeover attempts only resulted in a temporary account lock, but when the hackers successfully took over LinkedIn accounts, they quickly swapped the associated email address, changed the password, and in some instances even turned on 2FA making the account recovery process even more difficult.

In some instances, the attackers demanded a small ransom to return the accounts back to the owners and in others they simply deleted the accounts without asking for anything.

Emily Phelps, Director, Cyware had this to say:   

“We live a significant part of our lives online, and we don’t want our online identities in the wrong hands. I have no doubt that LinkedIn is receiving a tremendous increase in support requests, which likely accounts for the slow response time, it is advisable to reach out to your customers and inform them of the steps you’re taking to rectify the situation.”  

If you maintain a LinkedIn account, now would be a good time to review the security measures you’ve activated, enable 2FA, and switch to a unique and long password. As for LinkedIn, I can’t find any evidence that they’ve commented on this. Which doesn’t look good on them at all.

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