Air Canada Confirms That It Was Pwned By Hackers

Air Canada has had to admit to the fact that they were pwned by hackers. Here’s the details:

An unauthorized group briefly obtained limited access to an internal Air Canada system related to limited personal information of some employees and certain records. We can confirm that our flight operations systems and customer facing systems were not affected. No customer information was accessed. We have contacted parties whose information has been involved as appropriate, as well as the relevant authorities. 

We can also confirm all our systems are fully operational. We have since implemented further enhancements to our security measures, including with the help of leading global cyber security experts, to prevent such incidents in the future as part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the security of the data we hold.

We have no further public comment on this matter.

I’m not sure how Air Canada knows how long that the threat actors were in their systems. After all the threat actors could have gone unnoticed for weeks or months before they attracted attention. Thus this does little to reassure me or anyone else who reads this. And this isn’t the first time that Air Canada has been pwned. The Air Canada app was the subject of a data breach a few years ago that affected 20,000 customers. Thus I think it’s safe to say that this airline doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to cybersecurity. And that you should take that into consideration the next time you need to book a flight.

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