Clorox Is Still Impaired A Month After Cyberattack 

Over a month after the initial cyberattack, The Clorox Company said in its latest update to the SEC that it is still using a manual ordering process and doesn’t expect operations to return to normal until near the end of the month as it continues to untangle the disruption to operations.

“The cybersecurity attack damaged portions of the company’s IT infrastructure, which caused widescale disruption of Clorox’s operations. The company is repairing the infrastructure and is reintegrating the systems that were proactively taken offline,” the SEC filing adds.

Despite the ongoing interruption, Clorox does believe the intruders’ “activity is contained”, but the event will have considerable financial impact due to slower rate of order processing and product availability issues after manufacturing halts, the company warned.  

A return to normal automated order processing is scheduled for September 25th.

Willy Leichter, VP, Cyware had this to say:
   “The true costs of a breach and lingering business disruption can be much larger than many risk models assume. Maintaining business continuity requires a holistic approach: regular software patches and updates, multifactor authentication, ongoing security training, incident response planning, backups, and actionable threat intelligence. Cybersecurity is complex, and the importance of speed and accuracy cannot be overstated. IT and security teams must be empowered to collaborate so that the right intel gets to the right people to rapidly take the right actions.”

This has clearly been a nightmare for Clorox. This should illustrate why you need to take precautions to make sure that you don’t end up like Clorox.

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