The Real Way To Stop Scammers Is For Microsoft, Apple, Google And Banks To Do More

Frequent readers of this blog know that I spend a lot of time and effort to fight and expose scams. Because I do this so much, I’ve thought about how these scams could be stopped once and for all. After all, even with announcements like this one, it’s pretty much common knowledge that the Indian government and law enforcement only make these arrests for show and not because they are serious about stopping scammers. With that in mind, I think that there are simple ways that the following organizations can do to stop scams:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Remote Access Software Vendors
  • Banks

Let’s start with banks. What scammers will do is that they will have you log into your bank account via a web browser, and then do something to distract you so that the scammer can edit the HTML code to execute the scam. For example, refund scammers (that’s the type of scam where you will get an email claiming that you’ve signed up for a service that you didn’t and you call them to get a refund) will use this method to make it look like they deposited way too much money into your bank account. Then you have to return the difference to them, but they steal all your money instead. Thus based on that, the simple thing is to stop scammers from being able to edit HTML code to allow these scams to go forward. Which means banks need to step up to stop that from happening.

Now let’s move to Apple, Microsoft and Google. Scammers will use remote control software to execute their scams. I say that all of these companies in my mind need to treat remote control software as being malicious by default and make them way harder to be used for this purpose. You’ll note that I didn’t say block them outright. Because there are legitimate uses for remote control software. Doing real tech support for example. But if you make it more difficult for them to be installed and used, scammers will be less likely to use them. Another thought is to take the approach that Zoom has with their remote control software. Which is that sure you can use it easily, but you cannot have it running in the background all the time which will allow a scammer to connect to a computer whenever they want. That at least will mitigate the damage that these apps cause. Or they can take the Apple approach which is that remote control software that’s not made by Apple can’t do anything other than see the screen. That alone will make this software less useful to scammers. On top of that, companies who make remote access software need to do more as well. What I mean by that is that they need to do what AnyDesk has done and actively go after scammers who use their software and take them out. If other companies did that, scams become less of a problem instantly.

The bottom line is this. With the Indian government and Indian law enforcement not taking this problem seriously, and not having someone like Frank Castle around to “end” scammers, the only way to end the problem of scams is for banks and tech companies to step up and do more to make scams less effective. The solutions are there for these companies to make this happen. All that’s needed is the will to make it happen. The real question is, does the will exist for these companies? Let’s hope that it does exist as that will make us all a whole lot safer.

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