Uber Canada Reveals Annual Nightlife Index Report

If one thing can be said about Canadians, it’s that we really know how to part-EH! With Halloween just around the corner, Canadians will be revving up to hit the town and BOOgie on one of the biggest partying nights. That’s why Uber Canada is releasing its annual Nightlife Index, revealing what Canadians have been getting up to during their nighttime escapades throughout the year.

It seems that Londoners in Ontario have solidified themselves as the wildest night owls in the country, taking the top partying city spot for a second year in a row. To recover from a night out, the top food order is a classic cup of coffee, followed by some hashbrowns to soak it all up. And if you’re curious about what Canadians are shopping for in the late hours, a Unicorn pillow takes the top spot as the most unexpected item.

As Canadians revel in their city’s nightlife, we also want to share an important message that just because you drove to the party, it doesn’t mean you are capable of driving home. No matter how you get home, Uber and MADD Canada are supporters of all rides that get you there safely. Alcohol and cannabis can stay in your system as long as the next day, so don’t drive to pick up food and take advantage of getting it delivered right to your doorstep with Uber Eats. 

Party city – Top 10 Partying Cities in Canada: 

*based on the average # of late night trips (10PM-2AM) riders in each city take every month

  1. London, Ontario
  2. Toronto
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Halifax
  5. Kitchener-Waterloo
  6. Regina
  7. Edmonton
  8. Vancouver
  9. Ottawa
  10. Kingston

Best days to get down on the dancefloor – Top 5 biggest partying nights across Canada 

*based on volume of rides between 10PM and 2AM 

  1. New Years Day
  2. St Patrick’s Day 
  3. Canada Day 
  4. Halloween 
  5. May long weekend 

Food to soothe the soul and the scaries – Top 5 hangover foods across Canada

*based on volume of orders between 9AM and 1PM on Saturdays and Sundays 

  1. Coffee 
  2. Hash browns
  3. Bagels 
  4. Bacon, cheese, egg breakfast sandwich
  5. Donut 

The largest hangover food ordered through Uber Eats in Canada was placed on Saturday, May 13, 2023 in Winnipeg, MB for $995. One–or more, no judgment–hungry eater ordered 10 spaghetti and meatballs, 5 chicken and mushroom fettuccine, 15 bolognese penne, and 13 “create your own” pasta dishes. 

In the mood for a midnight snack – City that orders the most Uber Eats deliveries between 10PM and 4AM

  1. Windsor 
  2. Kingston 
  3. Niagara Region 
  4. London 
  5. Kitchener-Waterloo
  6. Thunder Bay 
  7. Winnipeg 
  8. Saskatoon 
  9. Sault Ste Marie 
  10. Toronto 

Confessions of a late night shopaholic – Most unexpected late night order (not food related)

  1. Unicorn pillow 
  2. Instant pot 
  3. Digital food steamer 
  4. Nintendo switch 
  5. Wooden rat traps

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