Bike Parts Company Shimano Pwned In Ransomware Attack

Shimano is a company that makes bike parts. In fact they’re the largest bike parts company in the world. I have used their parts on my previous bike as well as my current bike. Not to mention that many pros use their parts. Which means that the fact that the company has been pwned in a ransomware attack orchestrated by LockBit will hit home for many:

The notice claims that the group has breached highly sensitive data, including:

  • Employee information, including identification, social security numbers, addresses and passport scans
  • Financial documents, including balance sheets, profit and loss reports, bank statements, various tax forms and reports
  • Client data, including addresses, internal documents, mail correspondence, confidential reports, legal documents and factory inspection results
  • Other documents, including non-disclosure agreements, contracts, confidential diagrams and drawings, development materials and laboratory tests

This is pretty bad for Shimano. And it illustrates how busy LockBit has been. Boeing for example has been pwned by LockBit recently. It will be interesting to see the following happens:

  • Will they pay up?
  • If they don’t pay up, what data will pop up on the Internet.
  • Will they explain what happened and how they will stop it from happening again? So far, I cannot find any comment of any sort from Shimano.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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